Stats After 180 Days

  • Impressions on Google: 51,400

  • Unique website visitors from Search & Google Ads: 1800

  • Search Impression Share: 49.52%

  • Total Ad spend: $8,930

  • Kitchen Remodels: $366,340


See actual proof of how Kitchen Design Solutions increased their leads and revenue through ranking on Google Maps and pre-qualified traffic coming to their site from Google Ads, with real-world KPIs as proof.

Homeowners in Savannah searching for kitchen remodeling services

“Before we started working with Kitchen Remodeling SEO, our old marketing company was getting us lots of leads, but they were not qualified leads. It wasn't working out, because leads weren't turning into sales.

Then we started working with Kitchen Remodeling SEO and we charged our focus to more SEO-based and strategic Google Ads, rather than just Facebook. From there, the quality of our leads went straight up. They are now much more qualified and much more responsive. ”

Mark Palmer -CEO, Kitchen Design Solutions

Optimized Google my Business

Step 1 was to update the content and post frequent offers to Google my Business.

Updated Content for local towns

Step 2 was to write unique and compelling content on the company website and use it to generate inbound authoritative links.

Technical SEO made Google like their site

Step 3 was to write new title tags, Headings, add in XML Schema and improve the site speed to make new pages easier for Google to find and index.

What was the problem

KDS Used the Internet to Generate Increased Leads & Kitchen Remodel Sales

Mark from KDS asked us to step in to help his company increase their leads from Google for the Savannah, GA and Hilton Head, SC service areas. Prior to our engagement, KDS was running Facebook ads, that did not convert for them very well. They also had run some Google ads which resulted in low quality leads. Local SEO, a sustainable way to generate leads, was not driving qualified traffic to the site, because their showroom was located 2 – 3 towns away from their ideal customers. KDS asked us to help create a sustainable online marketing effort to increase the quality of leads and sales.

We accomplished this through rebranding the company with new content using the Story-Board model. We redesigned and launched a brand new website, claiming citations and fixing NAP errors on local directories, writing press releases and getting them picked up by major TV and radio station websites, including, Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS and even Google News. We incorporated these press releases, with authority link building, content marketing.

From there we grabbed the low-hanging fruit by creating videos and running a retargeting campaign on Facebook to stay top of mind with anyone who had seen their Facebook page, website or interacted in any other way with the brand online within the last 90 days.

Shortly thereafter, the new company website moved to the first page of Google for the most important local kitchen remodeling and renovation, kitchen cabinet and kitchen design keywords. In addition, the business experienced a remarkable increase in the number of email and phone calls directly from Google Maps requesting quotes on remodeling and kitchen renovation jobs in Georgia and South Carolina.

Through Google Ads, over the course of 90 days, they received over 500 clicks to their landing page and dozens more phone calls.

Google my Business Reporting

During the first 90 days

Business Analyst at Misoft Consulting

Did Google Ads Really Work?

The ROI on Google Ad spend & management fees was 10 to 1.

See what we can do for you?

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  • A review of whether strategically implementing Facebook Messenger Ads or Google Ads might generate a significant ROI for your company

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